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My goals for this website have changed because I have had an overwhelming response from politicians, social activists, newspaper reporters, lawyers, religious leaders, the general public, and a very long list of different people of: "None of them care what was done to me". What was done to me happened in a USA town with a population of more than 10,000 and it is pretty clear most of them knew to some degree or another what was being done and they choose to either ignore it, support it or actively commit the abuse that was directed at me. Certainly all the major leaders in the community knew what was happening, from the police, the major, the town council, the school administrators, the school teachers, the local newspaper and so on. On a broader scale, literally many thousands of other people all across the country and the spectrum of society were written to about what was done to me.

About two dozen gave some kind words of support. I reporter interviewed me and said he would include part of my story in part of a book he was writing. Less than half a dozen gave more than a token of support. From two different Presidential administrations, many senators, congressmen, governors, members of the ACLU and so many that it is hard to recount all of them, the response basically said to me that I don’t matter and what was done to me does not matter. The label placed upon my father before I was born was all that mattered and I should consider myself lucky if the label is not considered genetic and I get placed on the same “sex offender” list because my father had one conviction from 30 years ago.

Now the goal is just to record my story and the story of my father and mother and that perhaps at some time in the future some less hypocritical people of higher moral value will read it and see that most people in the USA are selectively evil to one degree or another. Some group gets labeled as “bad” and then it becomes okay for society to do any and all bad things to that group. All truth, honor, sense of justice gets tossed out the window. The reason for the label “bad” can be completely false, it does not matter. It becomes the hypocritical excuse for society to say it is good while in truth it selects some group to commit horrible wrongs to and pretend it is not happening.

Torturing and burning witches makes the masses feel better about themselves.

To try and understand why Humanity is like this is why I will become a psychologist.

April 2014

Principles of Life

According to Dad

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Free Will
  3. Be the Best You that You Can Be

These are ideals in order of importance.

Do no harm is a very basic well known ideal. A person should follow a moral code to not cause harm to others.

Free Will is also very fundamental, because without it we are slaves. But, our free will must be tempered with the "1st Principle of Life", so a person should be free to do as they will, so long as they do no harm to others.

The third principle goes more towards purpose of life. Why do we want to live? To help give us a good reason to want to live, the "3rd Principle of Life" comes into play. So long as we are not harming others and we are doing so of our own free will, we should look into our selves, define ourselves and seek to become the best we can be at whatever we decide we are.

This website is helping me to achieve this "3rd Principle of Life", as I seek to become the best me that I can be.