Welcome to Kat's Website

My goal is to make a free website that provides some socially/politically important information and also some very helpful information about subjects I am interested in, like making websites and studying math.

The main social/political issue is about what happened to me as a child, how it was wrong and that the only way to keep it from happening to others is for the public to know about it. That is "My Story".

The other major part I am working on now, helpful info, is currently all under "Home Study".

I am also hoping that the content I provide here will be useful enough, thought provoking enough or otherwise worthwhile enough that you will consider donating some money to my family and I. We can certainly use the financial help, but that is a lesser goal of this website.

The first goal is to provide thought provoking information that might help change politics in the United States of America in a good way. The second goal is to provide good helpful information for people interested in that information, like how I made the menu for this website; Collapsible Menu Tutorial part 1.

I want to keep the material for these first two goals free so that hopefully it will benefit more people in some positive way.

Sept 2013

Principles of Life

According to Dad

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Free Will
  3. Be the Best You that You Can Be

These are ideals in order of importance.

Do no harm is a very basic well known ideal. A person should follow a moral code to not cause harm to others.

Free Will is also very fundamental, because without it we are slaves. But, our free will must be tempered with the "1st Principle of Life", so a person should be free to do as they will, so long as they do no harm to others.

The third principle goes more towards purpose of life. Why do we want to live? To help give us a good reason to want to live, the "3rd Principle of Life" comes into play. So long as we are not harming others and we are doing so of our own free will, we should look into our selves, define ourselves and seek to become the best we can be at whatever we decide we are.

This website is helping me to achieve this "3rd Principle of Life", as I seek to become the best me that I can be.